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Boris Johnson’s aide: “London’s airports could go the way of the docks”. More startling revelations


Some 120 speakers and delegates convened for the second ‘Invest and Manage Airports’ conference in London, on 18-19-Oct-2012. Though sitting in the same space as the Global Airport Development and ACI Finance and Economics conferences, this event was differentiated by offering a platform to the airlines and dealing with topics such as airport information (sales) memorandums, change management, passenger experience and a lot of time on airport cities. While slightly marred by the failure of a couple of keynote speakers to attend, it did produce several notable moments. Some of the highlights of the event are mentioned here. [6843 words]

Unlock the following content in this report:


  • Airport cities and Aerotropolises defined
  • Heathrow was full even in 1987
  • Being an ‘airport of choice’ means cleaner toilets
  • London market is 'flat as a pancake' – McGhee
  • There’s oil in them thar runways...
  • The IM doesn’t need to be complicated
  • ‘Future of airport revenues’ debate gets stuck in the present
  • Third industrial revolution?
  • Spirited Moylan presentation let down by faux pas
  • Estuary airport timetable is 15 to 25 years
  • “Heathrow could charge more”
  • Disappointed media
  • Purple Revolution
  • Blowing hot and cold
  • 'A lot going on'...but growth remains stunted

Graphs and data:

  • London Gatwick Airport capacity share (% of seats) by carrier type: 22-Oct-2012 to 28-Oct-2012
  • London Heathrow Airport capacity share (% of seats) by carrier: 22-Oct-2012 to 28-Oct-2012
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