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Bangladesh aviation: A review of 2009 and outlook for 2010


International traffic to and from Bangladesh has experienced steady growth in recent years. However, due to the poor performance of domestic airlines, foreign carriers have grown to control 64% of capacity to/from Bangladesh, although the forces of protectionism could dent progress. To slow the further expansion of foreign carriers in Bangladesh, the Bangladeshi Government suspended its short-term open skies trial in 2007 and now operates an essentially protective aviation policy. For those carriers that can gain access, the Bangladesh market is relatively attractive, due to reasonable economic growth rates, weaker home carriers, and the country's large population, with some 5 million Bangladeshi migrant workers abroad generating significant VFR traffic. It really is a market made for focused low cost carriers, but government strategy supports the traditional flag carrier model - and appears unlikely to change any time soon. [2009 words]

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  • GDP growth falters in 2009
  • Indian carriers ramp up capacity to Bangladesh
  • Biman Bangladesh getting back in expansion mode as new fleet starts delivering
  • Biman to resume services and launch new destinations with expanded fleet
  • Bangladesh and UK triple frequency under their bilateral air services agreement
  • United Airways receives aircraft in Dec-2009, one more to arrive in 2010
  • Best Air plans to resume passenger operations in Mar/Apr-2010
  • GMG Airlines sold off 50% stake in 2009
  • Second international airport for Dhaka, fourth international airport for Bangladesh
  • Outlook: Improving, but government to remain heavily involved

Graphs and data:

  • Key Bangladesh data: 2008 World Bank Data
  • Bangladesh international capacity breakdown by carrier (seats per week as % of total)
  • Biman Bangladesh Airlines’ current fleet: Feb-2010
  • Biman Bangladesh Airlines’ international route map: Feb-2010
  • Biman Bangladesh Airlines’ domestic route map: Feb-2010
  • Bangladesh capacity breakdown by market (seats per week as % of total)
  • United Airways’ current fleet: Feb-2010
  • United Airways’ route map: Feb-2010
  • Dhaka Zia International Airport total capacity breakdown by carrier (seats per week as % of total)
  • Airports in Bangladesh: Feb-2010
  • Airports in Bangladesh: Feb-2010
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