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Aviation in Tibet flying high on resources and tourism boom


The Tibet Autonomous Region is one of the most exciting aviation markets on the planet. Over the past 10 years, the Central Government in Beijing has invested CNY310 billion (USD46 billion) in Tibet – equivalent to almost USD15,000 per person – building infrastructure and developing mining, agriculture and tourism industries. This is expected to continue, with China’s President Hu Jintao stating earlier this year that the government would seek to "fast-track" development in Tibet, to enhance security in the region, with plans to raise infrastructure quality and agricultural incomes to national levels by 2020. [3064 words]

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  • China plans to fast-track Tibet development
  • Economy grows – driven by railway construction and mining projects
  • Air traffic growth exceeds the domestic average; aviation a key GDP contributor 
  • Development of civil aviation industry to be accelerated
  • USD295m invested in transportation infrastructure in 1H2010
  • Tibet to have five civil airports by year-end: CAAC
  • Lhasa Gonggar Airport - the gateway 
  • 1.1 million pax, 13,000 tonnes of cargo in 2009
  • Lhasa served by five major airlines
  • Qamdo Bangda Airport has longest runway in the world
  • Nyingchi Airport - a challenging instrument approach
  • Gunsa Airport commences operations in Jul-2010
  • Peace Airport to become Tibet’s fifth in Oct-2010
  • And the next airport will be ... Nagqu Dagring Airport
  • First airline for Tibet to launch in 2011
  • Conclusion: A key growth market in the years to come

Graphs and data:

  • Lhasa and Tibet’s five airports
  • Lhasa Airport
  • Lhasa Gonggar Airport passenger traffic: 1997 to 2009
  • Lhasa Gonggar Airport cargo traffic (tonnes): 1997 to 200
  • Recent route changes to/from Lhasa: Jul-2009 to Jul-2010
  • Lhasa Gonggar Airport capacity (seats) share by carrier: Jul-2010
  • Qamdo Bangda Airport passenger growth: 1997 to 2009
  • Qamdo Bangda Airport freigth growth: 1997 to 2009
  • Plans of Peace Airport
  • Tibet Airlines key details
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