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Asia Pacific aviation outlook: Sustaining momentum will require vision and leadership


The Asia Pacific region – led by China – is expected to be one of the best performing regions in 2011 in what is shaping as a turbulent year for the global aviation industry. The oil price spike at the start of the year has taken some of the gloss off the airline profit outlook for the Asia Pacific region. Nevertheless, Asia has built up some strong momentum since the crises of 2008/09, thanks largely to China’s ongoing boom. The real constraints on Asia’s development are going to be skilled resources and infrastructure. [1513 words]

Unlock the following content in this report:


  • Second half recovery likely for Japan
  • China and Hong Kong to drive regional cargo demand
  • Outlook: vision and leadership required as traffic surges

Graphs and data:

  • Top 15 airports in China by passenger numbers: 2010
  • China airport passenger traffic development (millions) and forecast: 2003 to 2030F
  • Domestic capacity (seats, millions) to/from Asia Pacific countries: 2010 vs 2009
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