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Allegiant growing too fast? Passenger load factor slips for third month in a row


Allegiant, which has been robust throughout the global economic slowdown, saw its passenger load factor slip for the third consecutive month in Aug-2009, suggesting the carrier may be expanding too aggressively. [523 words]

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  • Low yields, but high profits
  • Phoenix/Mesa and Orlando the focus destinations for Oct/Nov-2009
  • Director of Sales a and Marketing resigns

Graphs and data:

  • Allegiant Monthly Passenger Traffic (millions) and Load Factor (%): 12 months to Aug-2008 vs 12 months to Aug-2009
  • Selected US carriers passenger yield: 2Q2009
  • Selected US carriers operating profit/loss margin: 2Q2009
  • Allegiant route changes (weekly frequency): 14-Oct-09 to 20-Nov-09
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