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AirTran takes advantage of legacy woes


AirTran has spent the past decade growing at the expense of legacy carriers moving from a one-airport low-cost carrier competing with Delta at Atlanta to a highly diversified network relying on strengths in the East and Midwest. [960 words]

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  • Battle for Milwaukee

Graphs and data:

  • AirTran diversifies its network
  • AirTran’s network: 2010
  • US legacy airlines’ domestic system net income
  • AirTran and ATA Industry unit revenue trends: 1Q and 2Q
  • Continental US capacity (ASMs, bill): 2000 to 2010
  • AirTran capacity (ASM) growth in key markets: 2010
  • AirTran fleet plan: B737s and B717s
  • Industry cost comparison: Non-fuel unit costs (USD cents) at 738 miles for 2009
  • AirTran’s daily capacity (ASMs) at Milwaukee: 4Q2007 to 4Q2010
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