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Airport pricing - light handed or limp wristed? The Australian experience


As Australia’s Productivity Commission reports on the country’s

experiment with a light-handed approach to airport pricing control, Airport

Investor Monthly looks at the recommendations, government and airport responses,

and weighs up alternative methodologies in other countries. [5492 words]

Unlock the following content in this report:


  • Initial regulation recognised the new found market power of the airports
  • The outcomes to date
  • But there have been some negatives
  • What should happen next?
  • Foundations for a post-2007 light handed approach
  • A smaller group of airports
  • A wider group of services to be monitored
  • Continuity is the best way forward
  • Australian government response – largely in agreement
  • Airport response – Melbourne
  • International comparison – New Zealand, a battleground
  • International comparison – US, too complex for national enforcement
  • International comparison – UK
  • The EC sets out its stall: a greater appetite for regulation
  • Four items in focus
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