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Airlines count the cost as skies open; Calls for aid and urgent review of regulations


The airline industry is rapidly restoring services as almost all European airspace is now available. But relief is quickly turning to anger as airlines count the cost of the massive disruption to their operations. EUROCONTROL expects almost 100% of the air traffic will return in Europe today (22-Apr-2010) after approximately 22,500 flights operated yesterday (or over 80% of usual services for a Wednesday). [1272 words]

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  • Ash Attack cost airlines USD1.7 billion - IATA
  • Credit ratings safe, for now
  • IATA calls for aid, and more
  • The case strengthens for a Single European Sky

Graphs and data:

  • Europe selected airlines, airports and suppliers daily share price movements (% change): 21-Apr-2010
  • Sabre Flight Explorer flight paths: 10:00 UTC on 21-Apr-2010
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