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Aircraft orders and deliveries review 2010 and 2011 outlook: Airbus, Boeing, Embraer and regionals


After several lean years of ordering, 2010 saw a return to strong ordering by airlines and leasing companies. Commercial aircraft manufacturers recorded more than 2000 orders and commitments made by customers during the year, more than triple the amount in 2009. While production rates were generally down on those of the previous boom years, there are signs of better times ahead as the manufacturers prepare to cut more metal. Continued strong demand for new, more efficient aircraft has ensured that production rates will be increased through 2011 and beyond. [3001 words]

Unlock the following content in this report:


  • Large manufacturers
  • Airbus extends its lead
  • Boeing - disappointing fourth quarter ends challenging year
  • Smaller manufacturers
  • Embraer
  • Bombardier
  • Sukhoi
  • Comac
  • 2011 ordering outlook

Graphs and data:

  • Airbus 2010 orders by type
  • Airbus 2010 deliveries by type
  • Boeing 2010 orders by type
  • Boeing 2010 deliveries by type¬†
  • Embraer commercial and business aviation deliveries
  • Embraer commercial aircraft deliveries 2010
  • Bombardier Aerospace commercial and business aircraft deliveries (by quarter)
  • Bombardier order backlog and deliveries: 12 months to 31-Oct-2010
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