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Airbus and Boeing forecast continued strong ordering in the Middle East


There is little doubt that the Middle East will become a centre of increasing importance in aviation over the next 20 years. The confluence of economic growth, local governments with ambitious air transport development plans and its favourable geographic location are fast turning the region into a next generation global long-haul hub. Long-term forecasts from Airbus and Boeing put the region’s RPK growth for the next two decades at 6.6-6.9% p/a, better than a third ahead of the world average forecast of 4.7-4.9% p/a. With this amazing development expected, the Middle East is taking on increasing importance to the major aircraft manufacturers. Both Airbus and Boeing have released updated global market outlooks, forecasting continued significant ordering from the region. [2019 words]

Unlock the following content in this report:


  • Growth unabated
  • Airbus and Boeing coming closer together?
  • Widebody ordering to dominate the Middle East
  • 900 more widebody orders
  • The point of contention: Very large aircraft
  • Narrowbodies and the LCC market
  • Liberalisation: The key to Middle East regional growth
  • Outlook: A rich hunting ground for manufacturers and suppliers

Graphs and data:

  • Middle East geographic position
  • International passenger demand (RPKs) by region: Jan-2008 to Jul-2009
  • Capacity growth (ASKs) by region: Jan-2008 to Jul-2009
  • Airbus & Boeing: 20-year aircraft market outlooks by segment: 2009-2028
  • Airbus & Boeing: 20-year aircraft market outlooks by segment: 2009-2028 (USD billions)
  • Middle East commercial aircraft order forecasts by segment: 2009-2028
  • Middle East next generation widebody orders
  • Airbus & Boeing 20-year narrowbody orders forecast
  • Middle East 20-year RPK growth forecast
  • Middle East LCC breakdown
  • LCC home hub market share breakdown: Week commencing 14-Sep-2009
  • Middle East capacity share by region
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