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Air China’s parent in bailout talks, but bigger opportunities in store


The Beijing-based favourite, Air China, is likely to be the beneficiary whatever happens amid the widespread talk of government cash injections to airlines in China. In Nov-08, a spokesman from Air China’s parent, China National Aviation Corp (CNAC) stated it was “actively communicating with the government about a cash injection”, although details were not disclosed. [847 words]

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  • Expands cross-Strait services

Graphs and data:

  • Air China operating profit margin and net profit margin: 2003 to YTD3Q08
  • Air China operating profit and net profit: 1Q08 to 3Q08
  • Air China passenger capacity growth: Dec-07 to Nov-08
  • Air China passenger load factor: Nov-07 to Oct-08
  • Air China passenger numbers growth: Dec-07 to Nov-08
  • Air China passenger numbers growth: Dec-07 to Nov-08
  • Air China share price: 01-Jun-08 to 07-Dec-08
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