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Air Canada heads into the gloom?


Dee and Rovinescu were a team under Brewer in 2003-04, when the carrier filed for bankruptcy – in fact they took over the reins exactly 6 years to the day that the filing was entered, on April Fool’s Day. Together, they led Air Canada through the process and into temporary profitability. Rovinescu, a lawyer, formerly with one of Canada’s major law firms, then left to form his own investment bank, Genuity Capital Markets.

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  • Montie Brewer
  • Bill Bredt - ret 31-Mar-09
  • Duncan Dee – Vice President and COO, effective 1-Apr-09
  • Calin Rovinescu – President and CEO, effective 1-Apr-09
  • AIR CANADA 2000-2004
  • STIKEMAN, ELLIOTT 1979 - 2000
  • Managing Partner
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