Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation releases new Europe Airline Daily update for a new era

The Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation is pleased to announce the release of its latest subscription report, Europe Airline Daily, Europe's comprehensive source for daily aviation news and commentary.

"This new title appears as the world enters a new and uncertain era. After a decade of strong global economic conditions, a slowdown is imminent and the European aviation industry is about to undergo a transformation, driven by new economic and regulatory realities. This daily report provides readers an easy-to-scan update of the key strategic airline developments in Europe each morning, plus the Centre's unique interpretation of the outlook facing the sector", said Executive Chairman, Peter Harbison.

"The Centre has been producing aviation information, as well as consulting services and industry conferences for nearly 20 years. Based in Sydney, with an Asian office in Delhi, along with many other analysts and contributors around the world, we are making the journey into Europe, to share some of the global perspective we have developed over the years", said Mr Harbison.

The Centre has launched a unique sales promotion for the Europe Airline Daily, involving a simple and transparent form of yield management.

The offer is available for online sales only. The Annual subscription price will increase USD10 each day until the full price of USD2,050 is reached on September 15th 2008. As this report is free until September 15, 2008, the paid subscription period will commence then, even if subscribers choose to purchase and pay today. The earlier you subscribe, the more you will save! This offer is valid for the first year of subscription only.