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CAPA World Aviation Yearbook

The below files make up the CAPA World Aviation Yearbook 2013 & 2014.


Africa is poised to be the next growth story as the world turns to the continent’s bountiful resources, ranging from minerals to oil and water...



The European airline market has a number of dividing lines. There is little growth on routes within the continent, but steady growth on long-haul...


Latin America

Latin America's market has been characterised over the Last decade by rapid growth, consolidation and significantly improved profitability...


Middle East

Even for a region developing as fast as the Middle East, few years could match the changes wrought during 2012...


North America

North America is on the brink of reaching full maturity as the planned merger between American and US Airways and the previous tie-ups among the country’s airlines will result in...


North Asia

North Asia is one of the few regions where most full service airlines are growing capacity. But the carriers are now looking to complement their expansion drive with definition...


South Asia

Indian aviation is seeing signs of revival after another difficult year marked by continuing losses, a 3% decline in traffic and the exit of Kingfisher...


South Pacific

South Pacific carriers are emerging from a period of rebuilding their long-haul networks as they redirect their focus to Asia and Pacific Rim...


Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia continues to be a region of rapid growth driven by low cost carriers, including budget subsidiaries and affiliates of full-service carriers...


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Farnborough 2012 Wrap: Lessors to the fore

It may have been Boeing’s turn to shine at this year’s major European air show, at Farnborough, handsomely out-selling Airbus with orders and commitments for 396 aircraft versus Airbus’ 115 new sales and commitments, but it was the prominence of aircraft lessors in the order-making that was the real talking point.


India Aviation Outlook 2012/13 Extracts

CAPA’s annual outlook for Indian aviation is widely regarded as the leading analysis of the direction of one of the world’s fastest growing aviation markets, providing invaluable perspectives for any business with interests in the sector.


India Travel Retail Report 2012 Extracts

This ground-breaking report combines in-depth analysis of aviation trends, interviews with key industry stakeholders and the largest ever travel retail survey ever conducted in India, of more than 7,000 passengers, to present an outlook for the sector through to 2021.


Low Cost Airports & Terminals Report 2009

The 2009 report contains over 300 pages of coverage of Low Cost Airport Terminals developments worldwide. The report draws heavily from experiences, examples and case studies involving European airports - where the most intensive LCC activity has occurred over the past decade.


Global LCC Outlook Report 2009

The global low cost airline movement has undergone a fundamental change of direction in the past two years, but the biggest shifts in the model are coming, according to this landmark new study.


Middle East Aviation Outlook 2009

Middle East Aviation Outlook is CAPA’s 150-page report reviewing the short and long term development trends and forecasts for this dynamic region. It covers airport development and capacity trends and investment and key issues such as privatisation, liberalisation and ATM harmonisation.


Global Airport Privatisation 2007

Global Airport Privatisation, a key CAPA management report, will interest both those with prior knowledge of the industry and those looking for new insights into this exciting and challenging sector.


Asia Pacific Aviation Outlook 2009

Provides an overview of the region's aviation industry and prospects, plus country-by-country analyses for the approximately 20 Asia Pacific countries. Includes monthly airport, airline and tourism arrival statistics.


Asia Pacific Aviation Outlook 2008

The perfect storm is brewing in 2008! The sweet spot of late 2007 is quickly being replaced with the sour taste of the global credit crunch and US economic downturn, according to CAPA's Asia Pacific Aviation Outlook for 2008.


Asia Pacific Aviation Outlook 2007

Asia Pacific Aviation Outlook 2007: Dawn of a New Era! In this year's report CAPA reviewed the full frontal attack on flag carriers that was unfolding as the LCC story continued to develop.


Asia Pacific Aviation Outlook 2006

Asia Pacific Aviation Outlook 2006: Benign but Unpredictable. The report gives a healthy outlook for Asia Pacific airlines as conditions "normalised".


Asia Pacific Aviation Outlook 2005

For Asia Pacific airlines, 2004 was an oasis in a desert of global bad news. While operators in Europe and North America licked their wounds, the region's carriers moved rapidly from recovery to robust growth and profitability. That growth should consolidate in 2005.


Asia Pacific Aviation Outlook 2004

2004, the Year of the Monkey, will be a year of massive opportunity for Asia’s airlines, airports and the tourism industries. Indeed, it could and should be the best year ever. In the aviation and tourism industries, there will be more valuable investment opportunities in this region than in the rest of the world.


Asia Pacific Aviation Outlook 2003

In this Post-SARS special outlook released in August 2003, CAPA looks at the prospects towards 2004. The recent optimism was damaged by SARS and created an underlay of the need to reinvent to survive a frenetic environment.


Asia Pacific Aviation Outlook 2002

The world entered into a potentially prolonged economic downturn in 2001 and this was dramatically deepened by the events of September 11 and their impact on business, consumer and traveller confidence and behaviour. It will be some time before the good news outweighs the bad.


The Essential China Airports Book 2004

Covers operational, traffic and construction details of 140 airports currently in operation, pus details of construction of over 100 other airports in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau.


Low Cost Airlines in the Asia Pacific Region: 2002

The original CAPA report that predicted the boom that lay ahead: Low Cost Airlines in the Asia Pacific Region: An Exceptional Intra-Regional Traffic Growth Opportunity. A compelling insight into the transformation that lay ahead for Asia Pacific aviation.


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China's International Aviation Outlook

China's leading airports are on the cusp of strong international growth, with several new routes to be launched in the coming 12 to 24 months. Growth will be driven by foreign and local needs: countries will have greater needs to further link with China while locally there will be an increasing propensity to travel among the Chinese population as incomes rise.

CAPA's COO, Derek Sadubin, delivered this presentation to the TFWA Asia Pacific event in Singapore in May 2012. The contents of this presentation were also covered in an article available on the CAPA site: New routes to China to flourish in the next few years


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