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US airlines on-time performance rate reaches 74.6%

9-Apr-2010 3:13 PM

US Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) released (08-Apr-2010) the Air Travel Consumer Report for Feb-2010. According to the report, the largest US airlines had a lower rate of on-time services in Feb-2010 than in Feb-2009 and Jan-2010. In addition, the reporting carriers also cancelled 5.5% of scheduled domestic flights, which is higher than the 1.2% rate in Feb-2009 and 2.5% in Jan-2010. Details include:

  • Overall on-time arrivals rate: 74.6%;
  • Highest on-time arrivals rate:
    • Hawaiian Airlines: 88.2%;
    • Alaska Airlines: 86.2%;
    • Southwest Airlines: 79.8%;
  • Lowest on-time arrival rates:
    • Comair: 62.2%;
    • Pinnacle: 64.0%;
    • JetBlue: 67.9%. [more]