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Singapore Airport Terminal Services

SATS is Singapore Airport’s leading provider of Gateway Services and Food Solutions. Its services encompass airfreight handling, passenger services, ramp handling, baggage handling, aviation security and aircraft interior cleaning while its food solutions business comprises airline catering, food distribution and logistics, industrial catering as well as chilled and frozen food manufacturing. SATS has been listed on the Singapore Exchange since May-2000.

Airports serviced by Singapore Airport Terminal Services

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Airport ground handling – industry overview 2014. Part 2: Consolidation and alliances

20-Nov-2014 7:51 AM

This second part of CAPA's report on airport ground handling reviews the consolidation of the ground handling industry and emerging alliances.

With the global airport ground handling business estimated at over USD80-100 billion per annum in revenues, this is a sizeable activity, with new paradigms emerging as liberalisation spreads and as new major forces like China and (potentially) India and other emerging markets adopt new principles.

Consolidation has occurred and new alliance moves are being made, but added competition has conspired to ensure that in most cases profit margins are small. So there may be more moves to come.

Tibet Airlines preparing for Jul-2011 launch; CAAC sets limit of three new airline approvals p/a

23-Jun-2011 10:26 AM

Tibet Airlines, Tibet’s first airline, on 20-Jun-2011 received its public air carrier's licence from CAAC, after receiving approval from the aviation authority in Mar-2010. Tibet Airlines will be the first and only airline based in Lhasa when it launches operations next month and will benefit from the booming Tibet market.

Ryanair in the dock

21-Feb-2011 10:00 AM

Ryanair may have to repay millions of euros as Germany’s highest court ruled fees it has received to operate from airports may amount to subsidies in breach of EU competition rules. Lufthansa and airberlin have been awarded the right to pursue legal action accordingly. Together with the other difficulties the Irish airline faces in Germany could this be the beginning of the end for its operations there? Or might there be even more significant outcomes?

Turkey prepares for big year ahead

7-Jan-2011 2:10 PM

With the announcement of new airport projects and continued economic and traffic growth, Turkey is once again demonstrating it is "Europe’s China": and not without foundation.

Why don't women run airlines?

25-Nov-2010 11:37 AM

IT WAS INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY on the 8th of March, 2010, and the Indian Ministry of Civil Aviation proudly “acknowledged” flag carrier Air India’s historic flight between Mumbai and New York JFK. It was unique that day in that flight AI-141 operated with an all-female flight crew on the B777-200LR. There was no Air India man in sight. It was different at head office.

(This report, the first in a series of four, is taken from the Oct-2010 edition of Airline Leader.)

Poor future prospects for Irish regional airports – any opportunity for a private sector saviour?

21-Oct-2010 5:20 PM

For a variety of reasons Dublin Airport’s annual passenger traffic may have fallen from 24 million to 18 million over the last three years, but it still dominates the entire Irish aviation landscape, with its influence spreading into Northern Ireland. Amidst arguments over the efficacy of public service obligation routes connecting some of Ireland’s remote airports, the future seems bleak for most of them as Dublin is increasingly accessible by road. Dublin is only three hours from places like Sligo and Knock - and a Metro line to the airport is to be built that would connect at the main rail stations. Calls for some form of privatisation at some of the airports are becoming more strident, but would any investor perceive a long term future for them?

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