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Global Summits
Event Date Location
CAPA-ACTE Global Summit 26-28 Oct-2016 Amsterdam
CAPA Asia Aviation Summit 2016 15-16 Nov-2016 Singapore
CAPA India Aviation Summit 8-9 Feb-2017 Mumbai
CAPA Airline Fleet & Finance Summit 2-3 Mar-2017 Singapore
CAPA Americas Aviation Summit 4-5 Apr-2017 Orlando
CAPA Airline Leader Summit 11-12 May-2017 Dublin
CAPA Global Airport Leaders' Forum 16-17 May-2017 Dubai
CAPA LCCs in North Asia 13-14 Jun-2017 Osaka
CAPA Australia Pacific Aviation Summit 1-2 Aug-2017 Sydney
CAPA Latin America Aviation Summit 11-12 Sep-2017 Cartagena
CAPA-ACTE Global Summit 11-13 Oct-2017 London
CAPA Asia Aviation Summit 7-8 Nov-2017 TBC
Australasia Summits
Event Date Location
CAPA-ACTE Asia Corporate Travel Innovation Summit 15 Nov-2016 Singapore
ACTE-CAPA Global Conference Sydney 2016 21-22 Nov-2016 Sydney
CAPA-ACTE Queensland Aviation & Corporate Travel Summit 10 Feb-2017 Brisbane
CAPA-ACTE Canberra Aviation & Corporate Travel Summit 15 Mar-2017 Canberra
CAPA-ACTE Melbourne Aviation & Corporate Travel Summit 30 May-2017 Melbourne
CAPA-ACTE Perth Aviation & Corporate Travel Summit 4 Jul-2017 Perth
CAPA Australia Pacific Corporate Travel Innovation Summit 1 Aug-2017 Sydney
CAPA-ACTE Adelaide Aviation & Corporate Travel Summit 1 Sep-2017 Adelaide
CAPA-ACTE New Zealand Aviation & Corporate Travel Summit 17-18 Oct-2017 Auckland
CAPA Asia Corporate Travel Innovation Summit 2017 7 Nov-2017 TBC
ACTE-CAPA Global Conference Sydney 2017 29-30 Nov-2017 Sydney

C-Level Testimonials

Why do you come to CAPA Summits?

“There are many events, and they’re growing all the time, but CAPA seems to have an edge. And people enjoy coming to their venues and the substance of their content. When you look at what is being proposed as topics of discussion conversation they are very fleshy, they are to the point and they are very topical... it's got rich content.”

Sir Tim Clark, President, Emirates  

“The quality of the contribution is very good. It gives you an opportunity to listen to an informed debate. And there’s good challenge from the moderators in terms of the contribution that the individual speakers are making so I think the quality of these conferences, the CAPA conferences, are up there with the best, if not the best, that I’ve attended. I certainly enjoy and I learn from what goes on here so I look forward to attending future conferences.”

Willie Walsh, CEO, IAG

“It's a fantastic event. CAPA in itself is a renowned company. I’m very impressed by the factual and detailed analysis CAPA is always doing and as such it's a pleasure to be here. There's a very interesting group of people speaking, a group of colleagues, some who I already know and some who I will (get to) know, so it’s a fantastic event.”

Pieter Elbers, President & CEO, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

“CAPA conferences and the CAPA Summit is an excellent opportunity for us to meet with industry colleagues and suppliers... and understand a little bit of what their concerns are and how they're addressing some of the same concerns we have. So the ability to meet with people, concentrated in the same place, having a good time and listening to everyone's point of view provides a lot of value, certainly in our busy schedules.”

Alex Cruz, Chairman & CEO, British Airways

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