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Dart Group reports 'reasonably satisfactory' profitable result in FY2009/2010

25th June, 2010

Dart Group shares gained 3.7% on 24-Jun-2010 upon the release of the company’s financial results for the 12 months ended Mar-2010. Dart Group, parent of and Fowler Welch Coolchain, reported a “reasonably satisfactory” profitable result in the year, with operating profits of GBP22.5 million (a 58% year-on-year reduction), profit before tax of GBP22.2 million (a 33.7% reduction) and a net profit of GBP15.6 million (a 42% reduction). [1149 words]

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This report contains the following subheadings:

  • Aviation Business affected by weaker demand; contributes 72% of total group revenues
  • Ancillary revenues contribute GBP21 per pax
  • Weak customer demand; load factors increase at expense of yields
  • Six new destinations in 2009; fleet of 24 B737-300s
  • 'Reasonably well placed' for improved results in current year

This report contains the following charts and tables:

  • Dart Group revenue and net profitability (GBP mill): FY2007/2008 vs FY2008/2009 and FY2009/2010
  • Dart Group Structure
  • Dart Group Financial results: 12 months ended Mar-2010
  • Dart Group Financial results: Six months ended 30-Sep-2009
  • five key income streams