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Star Alliance

In service: 3629
Inactive: 132
On order: 1637
Frankfurt, Germany

Star Alliance was established in 1997 as the first global airline alliance to "better meet the needs of the frequent international traveller" and is now the world's largest global alliance.

See CAPA's consolidated page on Global Alliances, complete with consolidated data and a Capacity Predictor tool, that shows the likely impact on capacity at airports, countries and regions if an airline enters or leaves an alliance.

Airline Status Join Date
Adria AirwaysMember2004
Aegean AirlinesMember2010
Air CanadaMember1997
Air ChinaMember2007
Air IndiaMember2014
Air New ZealandMember1999
All Nippon AirwaysMember1999
Asiana AirlinesMember2003
Austrian AirlinesMember2000
Avianca BrazilMember2015
Brussels AirlinesMember2009
Copa AirlinesMember2012
Croatia AirlinesMember2004
Ethiopian AirlinesMember2011
EVA AirMember2013
LOT Polish AirlinesMember2003
Shenzhen AirlinesMember2012
Singapore AirlinesMember2000
South African AirwaysMember2006
TAP PortugalMember2005
Thai AirwaysMember1997
Turkish AirlinesMember2008
United AirlinesMember1997

Former Members

AirlineJoin DateExited DateNotes
Ansett Australia19992001
Shanghai Airlines20072010
bmi20002012Takeover by IAG
Continental Airlines20092012United Continental merger
TAM20102014LAN merger
US Airways20042014American Airlines merger

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Copa Holdings believes a recovery in demand will support marked rise in 2017 capacity growth

13-Mar-2017 9:49 PM

Panama’s Copa Airlines is planning markedly increased capacity year-on-year in 2017 as demand patterns in Latin America continue to build on strength that began to emerge in 2H2016. That followed two years of economic contraction in the region. Most of Copa’s growth in 2017 stems from higher utilisation, given that its fleet is expanding by just a single aircraft during the year. The airline also plans to add back, in the lower season, the capacity that it cut in 2016 to adjust to Latin America’s weakened supply demand scenario.

Copa’s outlook is based on its determination that demand is holding steady in Latin America, and it is joining other airlines in the region in expanding capacity as a slow economic recovery begins to take effect. Its approach, that there is strengthening demand, stretches broadly across its network, even in Brazil, whose deep economic recession drove Latin America’s overall two year long economic contraction.

Copa has no concerns about its fellow Star Alliance partners Avianca and United potentially deepening their partnership through a proposed equity stake by United in Avianca. Although Copa has not publicly confirmed that it courted Avianca during its evaluation process for a strategic partner, the airline now believes United is the best partner for Avianca.

TAP Portugal transforms under new owners to tap potential; at forefront of narrowbody long haul

10-Mar-2017 4:25 PM

A period of restructuring following investment by new shareholders in TAP Portugal in Nov-2015 has led to a resurgent airline. It returned to profit in 2016 after two years of losses and enjoyed a surge in passenger numbers in 4Q2016.

The investment by the Atlantic Gateway Consortium, which HNA Group will formally join in 1H2017, provided funds for fleet expansion. TAP's orders include A321neoLR aircraft, giving it the potential to open new long haul routes not possible with widebodies.

TAP's VP finance, Teresa Lopes, told the CAPA Fleet & Finance Summit on 2-Mar-2017 that the A321neoLR would be deployed on the Atlantic, putting the airline at the forefront of narrowbody long haul operations. TAP's new shareholders have also enabled new partnerships with Brazil's Azul, JetBlue of the US and China's Hainan Airlines. The TAP-Azul relationship has already progressed beyond codeshare and the Hainan relationship offers much potential.

In the past year TAP has also reorganised its regional operation, launched a new fare structure and embarked on a seat densification programme to lower unit cost and drive revenue. As Ms Lopes said, "We are certainly going through a transformation, we don’t want to be envisioned as a legacy carrier anymore".

Avianca Holdings: United Air partnership and Synergy infusion raise more questions than answers

15-Feb-2017 9:03 PM

Avianca Holdings and United have taken a strategic step to bolster their respective competitiveness in the Latin American and US markets, by working to deepen their partnership. United is the only US airline without a prospective joint venture partner in the region, and Avianca needs an anchor partner such as United to broaden its network coverage in North America.

The scope that Avianca and United’s deepened partnership will encompass remains unknown. Since mid 2016 Avianca has been searching for a strategic investor, and reportedly drew interest from Delta Air Lines and Copa Holdings before settling on United.

At the same time Avianca outlined plans to develop a strategic partnership with United, Avianca’s majority shareholder Synergy pledged to invest USD200 million into the company, which could signal that Synergy remains committed to having sizeable influence over Avianca.

Synergy also plans to obtain necessary regulatory approvals to fold Avianca Brasil into Avianca Holdings. Synergy is the major shareholder of both airlines, but the companies have been run separately for years. The timing is curious, since United also has a minority stake in the Brazilian airline Azul. Synergy’s moves raise questions about United and Azul’s future partnership, as well as the level of ownership United could take in Avianca Holdings.

Beijing's second airport at Daxing: risk of unproductive competition, China Eastern the big winner

10-Feb-2017 1:29 PM

The most important regulatory development in Chinese aviation in 2016 – and possibly one of the top for the decade – was awarding China Eastern Airlines home carrier status for Beijing's second airport, Beijing Daxing, due to open in 2019. There are usually few surprises in Chinese aviation: if word does not leak out, it is softly dripped. But few expected that China would award China Eastern in this way. China Eastern is due to become the only Chinese airline with dual home hubs in Beijing and Shanghai, granting a remarkable advantage.

Rather than allow airlines to operate from both airports, Air China and its Star Alliance partners will remain at their existing Beijing Capital hub and benefit from significant slot growth. China Eastern, China Southern (which was also named base carrier at Daxing) and SkyTeam partners will gradually move to the new Beijing Daxing.

Yet this move, expected to be backed by added traffic rights, risks the two airports competing with each other rather than singularly growing the Beijing hub, which has better geography as a connecting point for Europe and North America. China Eastern may indirectly receive a second victory: fragmenting Beijing adds relative strength to China Eastern's hub at Shanghai, where it is the only intercontinental home airline. China can make sweeping policy changes, but until then China Eastern's advantage is undeniable.

Etihad-Lufthansa partnership: Lufthansa – the good guys of globalisation, starting along the road

2-Feb-2017 11:48 AM

Pragmatism is forcing the Lufthansa Group to compromise its legacy outlook and adapt its rhetoric as it cautiously welcomes into its nucleus the Etihad Aviation Group. Lufthansa and Etihad’s 01-Feb-2017 USD200 million catering and engineering deal may seem underwhelming, but it brings Etihad into other areas of Lufthansa Group’s business – and management. After being so flagrantly opposed to Gulf airlines, Lufthansa Group CEO Carsten Spohr recognises he needs to change internal mindsets while not advancing faster than ultraconservative unions will allow. Mr Spohr also says there is potential for a JV with Etihad.

As with recent Etihad cooperation – addressing ailing airberlin, and a new simple codeshare – the benefits of the latest deals are tilted towards Lufthansa. Lufthansa has yet to bring Etihad into its core to help address its fundamental cost and network problem – as it surely must do. Such a deal would leverage Etihad’s fundamental business of a hub in Abu Dhabi.

Juneyao Airlines: will launch long haul, join Star Alliance, but must balance Air China's interests

30-Jan-2017 6:42 PM

China's Juneyao Airlines has always operated in the shadow of Spring Airlines. They launched from Shanghai within a year of each other and have had similar growth trajectories. Yet Spring sought the limelight and garnered attention for its low cost model. Juneyao, in contrast, often seemed to want to keep a low profile.

There are now rapid changes for Juneyao, and not just in comparison to its quiet history. In 1H2017 Juneyao is due to be the first "Connecting Partner" for Star Alliance, which will regain a footprint in China's commercial centre. Juneyao will likely transition to being a full Star member.

This will help the airline to grow its footprint as it takes delivery of its first of five 787s in 2018. Traffic rights internally and externally will be a challenge, but Juneyao must keep even closer watch on its quasi strategic patron, Air China. It is in the interests of Beijing based Air China to have a friend in Shanghai, but Air China's ultimate objective with Juneyao could be consolidation.

This content is exclusively for CAPA Membership Subscribers

CAPA Membership gives you the latest aviation news and alerts, access to CAPA articles, reports, and our leading aviation data with optional premium add-ons.

This content is exclusively for CAPA Membership Subscribers

CAPA Membership gives you the latest aviation news and alerts, access to CAPA articles, reports, and our leading aviation data with optional premium add-ons.

This content is exclusively for CAPA Membership Subscribers

CAPA Membership gives you the latest aviation news and alerts, access to CAPA articles, reports, and our leading aviation data with optional premium add-ons.