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Montreal Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport reported (16-Sep-2021) the following traffic highlights for Jul-2021:

  • Passengers: 520,154, -75.2% compared to Jul-2019;
    • Domestic: 269,657, -62.9%;
    • International: 175,673, -81.5%;
    • Transborder: 74,824, -82.3%;
  • Aircraft movements: 8432, -62.2%;
    • Domestic: 5715, -52.0%;
    • International: 1013, -75.5%;
    • Transborder: 1704, -72.8%. [more - original PR]

GRU Airport Sao Paulo Guarulhos International Airport reported (16-Sep-2021) the following traffic highlights for Aug-2021:

  • Passengers: 2.1 million, -40.9% compared to Aug-2019;
    • Domestic: 1.8 million, -22.3%;
    • International: 306,985, -75.7%;
  • Aircraft movements: 16,626, -32.9%;

Shanghai Pudong International Airport reported (17-Sep-2021) the following traffic highlights for Aug-2021:

  • Passengers: 1.3 million, -61.9% year-on-year;
    • Domestic: 1.1 million, -65.4%;
    • International: 90,600, +14.4%;
    • Regional: 66,800, +136.0%;
  • Cargo: 296,200 tonnes, -1.0%;
    • Domestic: 15,900 tonnes, -32.1%;
    • International: 240,100 tonnes, +0.3%;
    • Regional: 40,200 tonnes, +10.4%;
  • Aircraft movements: 19,303, -41.0%;

Air New Zealand stated (17-Sep-2021) following a month of constrained trading it remains unclear how long coronavirus Alert Levels, the suspension of trans-Tasman quarantine free travel and associated travel restrictions will continue, as well as how demand will recover when the restrictions are lifted. However, for so long as the travel restrictions remain in place, the estimated impact on the company's financial performance is as follows:

  • Monthly impact of nationwide New Zealand Level 3 or 4 travel restrictions is approximately NZD45 million (USD31.8 million) to NZD55 million (USD38.9 million), including the benefit of any wage subsidies received;
  • Monthly impact of an Auckland only Level 3 or 4 travel restriction, with the rest of New Zealand operating at Level 1 or 2 is approximately NZD25 million (USD17.7 million) to NZD35 million (USD24.8 million), including the benefit of any wage subsidy;
  • Monthly impact of suspension of New Zealand to Australia travel is approximately NZD20 million (USD14.1 million) to NZD25 million (USD17.7 million).

Operation of cargo flights is continuing with approximately 50 weekly frequencies and the company is observing strong demand for air travel across regions in New Zealand that are currently under Level 2 restrictions. As advised at the on 26-Aug-2021, the Company has begun to draw
down further on the Crown standby loan facility. The Company has recently requested additional drawdowns on the Facility which, including those drawings, will total NZD435 million (USD307.5 million). Remaining available funds under the Facility are NZD1.1 billion (USD777.7 million). [more - original PR]

Corporación América Airports reported (16-Sep-2021) the following traffic highlights across its network for Aug-2021:

  • Passengers: 3.6 million, -52.8% compared to Aug-2019;
    • Domestic: 2.1 million, -49.8%;
    • International: 987,000, -63.2%
  • Cargo: 25,800 tonnes, -20.5%;
  • Aircraft movements: 48,200, -37.5%. [more - original PR]

AirAsia launched (16-Sep-2021) 63 times weekly Kuala Lumpur-Langkawi service on 16-Sep-2021 with A321 aircraft. It is the first of the carrier's flights to launch under the Langkawi travel bubble scheme, under which AirAsia has also introduced ride hailing services on the island. [more - original PR]

Air Malta announced (16-Sep-2021) plans to resume services to London Gatwick, Moscow Sheremetyevo and Madrid for the summer 2022 schedule. All three routes will commence 27-Mar-2022, with London Gatwick operating daily, Madrid three times weekly and Moscow Sheremetyevo twice weekly. Air Malta plans to operate a network of 20 destinations for summer 2022, with over 250 weekly frequencies. Air Malta's executive chairman David G Curmi said the carrier is working on an "ambitious" flight schedule which "demonstrates our strong belief that travel and tourism will bounce back next year". He stated Air Malta's plans are to "effectively double our capacity which we will operate during this forthcoming winter period". [more - original PR]

airBaltic received (16-Sep-2021) its sixth of seven planned A220-300 deliveries for 2021. The aircraft (registration YL-ABE) is part of carrier's orders for 50 A220-300 aircraft, with airBaltic holding a further 30 options and purchase rights. airBaltic completed a transition to an A220-300 fleet in May-2020. It has handled 6.5 million passengers on the aircraft, completing 78,246 flights over 175,312 block hours. [more - original PR]

Emirates Airline, via its official website, announced (15-Sep-2021) flights to and from Nigeria will remain suspended until 30-Sep-2021. The carrier was previously scheduled to resume Dubai-Abuja and Dubai-Lagos services effective 19-Sep-2021.

Singapore Airlines Group reported (16-Sep-2021) the following traffic highlights for full service carriers (Singapore Airlines and SilkAir) for Aug-2021:

  • Passengers: 155,400, -95.3% compared to Aug-2019;
  • Passenger load factor: 17.5%, -68.9pp;
  • RPK: -93.2%;
  • ASK: -66.3%. [more - original PR]

Colombo Bandaranaike International Airport, via its official Twitter account, announced (11-Sep-2021) SWISS plans to commence twice weekly Zurich-Colombo service on 04-Nov-2021 (Daily News, 16-Sep-2021). The airline will be the sole scheduled operator on the route, according to OAG.

Mexico's SECTUR reported (15-Sep-2021) international tourist arrivals to Mexico reached 3.4 million in Jul-2021, a decrease of 18.7% compared to Jul-2019. International tourist arrivals declined 34.0% to 17.3 million in the seven months ended Jul-2021. [more - original PR]