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US passenger survey favours 'trusted traveller' scheme for security

22-Dec-2010 11:23 AM

US Travel Association released (21-Dec-2010) the results of a survey of 1000 business and leisure air travellers who have flown during the past two years, are aged 25 or older, and who reside in the US. According to the survey, three in four air travellers believe “there has to be a better way” to conduct air travel security screening. Eight in 10 support a trusted traveller programme that would provide alternative screening measures for American citizens who submit to a background check and meet other risk criteria. The survey also stated respondents would take an average of two to three more trips per year if the inconvenience involved in flying could be reduced without compromising security. Those additional trips would add USD84.6 billion in travel spending and support 888,000 additional jobs, according to the US Travel Association. [more]