7-Jan-2013 12:29 PM

US Airways releases 2012 financial guidance, expects mainline CASM to rise 2% to 4% in 4Q2012

US Airways Group reports (04-Jan-2013) the following financial guidance:

  • 4Q2012 estimate:
    • CASM growth:
      • Mainline*: +2% to 4% year-on-year;
      • Express**: -1.0% to -3.0%;
    • CASM:
      • Mainline: USD13.42 to USD13.66 cents;
      • Express: USD22.10 to USD22.52 cents;
    • Mainline cargo revenue: USD40 million;
    • Mainline other revenue: USD330 million;
    • Operating expense:
      • Mainline^: USD2,348 million to USD2,391 million;
      • Express: USD771 million to USD786 million;
  • FY2012 estimate:
    • CASM growth:
      • Mainline*: 0% to +2%;
      • Express**: 0% to -2.0%;
    • CASM:
      • Mainline: USD13.13 to USD13.32 cents;
      • Express: USD22.13 to USD22.45 cents;
    • Mainline cargo revenue: USD154 million;
    • Mainline other revenue: USD1363 million;
    • Operating expense:
      • Mainline^: USD9,740 million to USD9,877 million;
      • Express: USD3145 million to USD3191 million. [more - original PR]

*Excluding fuel, special items and profit sharing
**Excluding fuel and special items
^Forecast mainline operating expenses exclude profit sharing

US Airways Group: “2012 capacity guidance 2012 total system capacity is expected to be up approximately 2% year-on-year primarily due to higher completion factor and larger gauge A321 aircraft replacing smaller gauge legacy 737 aircraft. Domestic capacity is expected to be up approximately 2% and international up approximately 1%.” Source: Company statement, 04-Jan-2013.