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US Airways provides 2Q2013 investor update

4-Jul-2013 9:01 AM

US Airways provided (03-Jul-2013) the following investor update for 2Q2013:

  • 2013 capacity guidance: 3.5% increase on 2012, due to replacement of Boeing 737 aircraft and increased long-haul international services;
    • Domestic capacity: Expected to increase 3.8% on 2012;
    • International capacity: Expected to increase 3.2% on 2012;
  • The carrier expects to end 2Q2013 with approximately USD3.95 billion in cash and investments, of which approximately USD350 million is restricted;
  • Estimated mainline average fuel cost and consumption:
    • 2Q2013: USD2.92 to USD2.97 per gallon on 298 million gallons;
    • 3Q2013: USD2.87 to USD2.92 per gallon on 300 million gallons;
    • 4Q2013: USD2.88 to USD2.93 per gallon on 277 million gallons;
    • FY2013: USD2.97 to USD3.02 per gallon on 1140 million gallons;
  • Estimated ASMs:
    • 2Q2013: 20.2 billion;
    • 3Q2013: 20.4 billion;
    • 4Q2013: 18.8 billion;
    • FY2013: 77.4 billion. [more - original PR]