6-May-2013 8:48 AM

US Airways outlines merger process, integration due 12-18 months after closure

US Airways revealed (03-May-2013) details of the planning process behind the company's proposed merger with American Airlines. US Airways estimates the carriers will become fully integrated 12-18 months after the merger's closure, currently projected for Aug-2013. 29 planning teams and four cross-functional teams are working underneath the Integration Management Office, which in turn reports to the Transition Committee. The airlines' integration is mapped out in a five-phase process. Estimated annual net synergies in 2015 are USD1 billion. Citing "tremendous complexity ahead," the carrier outlined a number of features of the combined airlines:

  • 110,000 staff;
  • 6700 services daily to 336 destinations in 56 countries;
  • A combined fleet of 1511 aircraft;
  • 700 applications and systems. [more - original PR]