14-Oct-2010 11:45 AM

US airlines' Aug-2010 fuel costs at USD3.5bn

US Bureau of Statistics (BTS) reported US airlines consumed 1,561 million gallons of fuel at an average price of USD2.23 per gallon bringing total fuel costs for Aug-2010 to USD3,484 million. Details include:

  • Total fuel cost: USD3,484 million;
    • Total domestic: USD2,252 million;
    • Total international: USD1,232 million;
  • Total fuel consumed: 1,562 million gallons;
    • Total domestic: 1,011 million gallons;
    • Total international: 551 million gallons;
  • Average price per gallon: USD2.23;
    • Total domestic: USD2.23;
    • Total international: USD2.24. [more]