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US airlines' Aug-2010 fuel costs at USD3.5bn

14-Oct-2010 11:45 AM

US Bureau of Statistics (BTS) reported US airlines consumed 1,561 million gallons of fuel at an average price of USD2.23 per gallon bringing total fuel costs for Aug-2010 to USD3,484 million. Details include:

  • Total fuel cost: USD3,484 million;
    • Total domestic: USD2,252 million;
    • Total international: USD1,232 million;
  • Total fuel consumed: 1,562 million gallons;
    • Total domestic: 1,011 million gallons;
    • Total international: 551 million gallons;
  • Average price per gallon: USD2.23;
    • Total domestic: USD2.23;
    • Total international: USD2.24. [more]