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UAE and Panama sign 'open sky' agreement

18-Nov-2010 12:42 PM

UAE and Panama signed an open sky agreement allowing both sides to operate unlimited flights between the countries (IANS/WAM/Gulf News/Trade Arabia, 17-Nov-2010). Emirates, Etihad, RAK Airways, Air Arabia and flyDubai represented the UAE delegation while Compania Panamena de Aviacion (Copa Airlines), Parsa (Air Panama), Aerolineas Pacifico Atlantico (Aeroperlas) and DHL Aeroexpreso represented the Panama side. The agreement allows unrestricted frequencies, capacity and types of aircraft, whether owned, interchanged or leased, to be operated by the designated airlines in any type of service (passenger or cargo) between Panama and the UAE. The designated airlines of both parties will also be able to freely enter into cooperative marketing arrangements, including codeshare arrangements with any other airlines.