4-Mar-2011 9:56 AM

Taiwan's Civil Aeronautics Administration approves fuel surcharge increase

Taiwan's Civil Aeronautics Administration announced approval for domestic airlines, including China Airlines and EVA Airways, to raise fuel surcharges on 08-Mar-2011 (China Post, 04-Mar-2011). Details include:

  • Taiwan-Hong Kong services: Domestic airlines will be permitted to raise fuel surcharge from USD18.30 to USD21.2 per person per sector from 08-Mar-2011;
  • Short-haul international: Permitted to raise surcharge from USD22.5 to USD24 from 15-Mar-2011;
  • Long-haul international: Permitted to raise surcharge from USD58.5 to USD64 from 15-Mar-2011.

Based on the CAA decision, domestic carriers will be able to increase the surcharge by 11-15%.