31-Oct-2013 1:35 PM

Swedavia profits increase in 3Q2013

Sweden’s Swedavia revenue up 8% – financial highlights for three months ended 30-Sep-2013:

  • Net revenue: SEK1315 million (EUR151.5 million), +7.5% year-on-year;
    • Airport operations: SEK1234 million (EUR142.1 million), +5.1%;
  • Operating profit: SEK351 million (EUR40.4 million), +14.0%;
    • Airport operations: SEK280 million (EUR32.3 million), +5.7%;
  • Net profit: SEK221 million (EUR25.5 million), +4.2%;
  • Passenger numbers: 9.0 million, +6.8%;
  • Domestic: 2.9 million, +2.9%;
  • International: 6.1 million, +8.7%;
  • Total assets: SEK16,095 million (EUR1854 million);
  • Cash and bank holdings: SEK125 million (EUR14.4 million);
  • Total liabilities: SEK11,217 million (EUR1292 million). [more - original PR]

*Based on the average conversion rate at EUR1 = SEK8.6814

Swedavia: “A strong market trend with more passengers creates potential for additional direct routes and more frequencies. Our good financial performance also gives us the opportunity to continue developing our terminals and commercial properties, which enhances our position in order to meet the growing demand for air travel,” Torborg Chetkovich, President and CEO. Source: Company statement, 30-Oct-2013.