29-Sep-2010 10:14 AM

Spanish general strike to affect flights on 29-Sep-2010

Spanish public workers plan to hold a 24-hour general strike on 29-Sep-2010, affecting air traffic control operations at Spanish airports (Reuters/Daily Mail/NowPublic, 28-Sep-2010). Aviation officials stated 40% of international flights and 20% of European flights will be operated over the day. Cancellations for flights to/from the country are as follows:

  • easyJet: cancelled approximately 50% of flights;
  • Ryanair: cancelled most flights, operating hand-baggage-only services on remaining flights (RTE News, 28-Sep-2010);
  • Aer Lingus: 12 flights cancelled;
  • British Airways: warned of delays and changes to its schedule;
  • Monarch Airlines: warned of some delays, adding it “may be necessary to cancel some flights at short notice”;
  • El Al: cancelled two flights to Barcelona and Madrid (Israel National News, 28-Sep-2010);
  • flybe: cancelled all flights, with passengers rebooked on 30-Sep-2010 services; [more]
  • Blue Air: all flights on 28-Sep-2010 and 29-Sep-2010 cancelled; [more]

Airport Bratislava, Blackpool Airport and Cardiff Airport also warned of potential delays. [more - Airport Bratislava] [more - Blackpool Airport] [more - Cardiff Airport]