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Southwest looking to expand East Coast to Western city route network following AirTran acquisition

10-May-2011 1:02 PM

AirTran Airways President Bob Jordan stated Southwest Airlines is now working on connecting the route networks of the two carriers, with a primary focus on expanding the network between the East Coast and Western destinations (Wall Street Journal, 09-May-2011). It plans to use its acquisition of AirTran to become a major carrier at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, the only major domestic city Southwest is not serving. Mr Jordan also commented that Southwest is open to including some AirTran features to its product, but AirTran will adopt Southwest’s no-assigned seating policy.

AirTran: “The biggest opportunity is providing network connectivity to the west. This is all about more and not less—more service, more routes. Our intent is to grow Atlanta, get more passengers and more dots on the map,” Bob Jordan, President. Source: Wall Street Journal, 09-May-2011.