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São Paulo's six biggest domestic connections account for 25% of domestic pax in Brazil: IBGE study

22-May-2013 2:07 PM

Brazil's Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) revealed (21-May-2013) the results of study which demonstrated 25% of domestic passenger traffic resulted from São Paulo's six busiest routes and 50% of all passenger traffic was concentrated in 24 city pairs. The IBGE noted São Paulo's dominance reflected its status with the largest population and highest GDP in the country, as well as "its demography, its economic role and its position among global cities." The country's ten busiest routes in 2010 were:

  • São Paulo-Rio de Janeiro: 5.6 million pax;
  • São Paulo-Brasilia: 3 million pax;
  • São Paulo-Porto Alegre: 2.6 million pax;
  • São Paulo-Salvador: 2.27 million pax;
  • São Paulo-Belo Horizonte: 2.239 million pax;
  • São Paulo-Curitiba: 2.236 million pax;
  • Rio de Janeiro-Brasilia: 1.7 million pax;
  • São Paulo-Recife: 1.5 million pax;
  • São Paulo-Florianopolis: 1.3 million pax;
  • Rio de Janeiro-Salvador: 1.2 million pax.