6-Mar-2013 1:24 PM

Skymark Airlines to offer premium class of seating on its main route, Tokyo Haneda-Fukuoka

Skymark Airlines plans to offer a premium class of seating on its main route, Tokyo Haneda-Fukuoka, for an extra USD11 (JPY1000) as part of efforts to attract business passengers, according to a Nikkei report. Its new class will be available from Feb-2014 and will feature improved seating and snack service. The carrier is looking to use A330 aircraft including 80 premium seats. It currently operates a fleet of 29 Boeing 737-800 aircraft, configured with 177 seats in an all-economy configuration. The carrier previously reported load factors of 95% on Tokyo Haneda-Fukuoka sector, but load factors have declined to the low-80% levels, since All Nippon Airways started offering discounted fares for the route. Some travellers have also switched to LCCs departing from Narita.