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Santiago Airport expects 11.3 million passengers in 2011, well over capacity

11-Feb-2011 11:00 AM

Chile's Santiago Airport is expected to handle 11.3 million passengers in 2011 - some 20% above its design capacity (, 10-Feb-2011). A 10% increase is expected domestically, while international growth could be even stronger. The airport handled 11.1 million passengers in 2010, representing 93% of total air traffic in Chile. Airport concessionaire SCL, whose contract expires in 2014, stated it is in discussions with the Ministry of Public Works (MOPW) to increase capacity of the airport to 13 million passengers p/a. According to the MOPW's 2010-2014 grant programme, a call for tenders is due in 2012 for a total investment of USD480 million.