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Ryanair urges EC to act on airport strikes

9-Mar-2011 11:52 AM

Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary urged the European Commission to step in to prevent air traffic control strikes in Spain over the summer (Press Association, 07-Mar-2011). European airlines were affected by extensive ATC industrial action in 2010, with Ryanair calling for the EU to abandon the "right to strike" from essential airport services. Ryanair also called for open competition in national air traffic control systems, which would allow one country to manage the airspace of neighbouring countries to prevent flights being cancelled or delayed during industrial action.

Ryanair: "Europe's airlines and passengers suffered at the hands of air traffic control providers throughout 2010. Now, ahead of yet another Spanish strike, Ryanair is calling on the EU to take action to prevent further strike action. Ryanair will not allow its passengers to be inconvenienced further by the selfish strike action by Aena workers." Michael O’Leary, CEO. Source: Press Association, 07-Mar-2011.