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Ryanair calls for taxes to be axed after pax fall again at Dublin

8-Oct-2010 10:19 AM

Ryanair again called (07-Oct-2010) on the Irish Government to remove its EUR10 tourist tax and reverse the 40% increase in airport charges at Dublin Airport, after passenger numbers at the airport fell again in Aug-2010. Ryanair also called for the break-up of the Dublin Airport Authority (DAA). According to the carrier, passenger numbers at Dublin Airport are on target to decline by 3 million passengers for the second year in a row. [more]

Ryanair: “It is extraordinary that Dublin Airport has lost 1.8 million passengers in the first eight months of 2010 while over the same period Ryanair has grown by over 5 million passengers. Clearly the Ryanair formula of low fares and avoidable charges works, whereas the government and DAA monopoly’s high cost policy of tourist taxes and high airport fees fails. As a result of these 40% higher airport fees and the unavoidable EUR10 tourist tax Dublin Airport’s traffic is on course to fall below 18 million in 2010, a second year of record traffic collapses at Dublin. The Irish Government cannot tax, and overcharge its way out of this recession. Dublin Airport can once again share in Ryanair’s rapid growth, but only after the EUR10 tourist tax is scrapped and the DAA’s 40% price increases are reversed,” Stephen McNamara, Spokesperson. Source: Ryanair, 07-Oct-2010.