18-May-2011 12:38 PM

REDjet considers legal action against T&T government

REDjet announced it will pursue legal action against the Trinidad and Tobago government if the state does not honour the agreements between Caricom countries over aviation rights (Stabroek News, 17-May-2011).

REDjet: “Right now we are trying to ascertain if the Government is willing to honour its agreements which make provision for the entry of a Barbadian carrier. If we see that their intention is to not honour these agreements then we will be forced to pursue legal action to enter the market. We are not prepared to wait indefinitely. We do not want to go the legal route because that is a very lengthy process and we are hoping that someone will step up to resolve the issue.” Business Development Manager, Robbie Burns. Source: Stabroek News, 17-May-2011.