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Okay Airways to establish regional carrier in Heilongjiang, more to come

1-Aug-2012 11:56 AM

Okay Airways founder and vice president Liu Jieyin stated the carrier plans to establish a new regional carrier, Longjiang Airlines, in Heilongjiang Province, subject to CAAC approval. According to Mr Liu and as reported by and Beijing Business Times, Okay submitted an application with CAAC “several months ago but so far we are still waiting for green lights”. The new airline will be based at Harbin Airport and operate regional services in Heilongjiang and its neighbouring provinces in China’s northeast region. Mr Liu also stated the carrier plans to establish more regional subsidiaries in Hunan and Anhui provinces in the future, if the operation of the new regional carrier is successful. As previously reported, Okay Airways plans to introduce more than 100 MA60s and operate China’s largest regional airline over the next five to 10 years, as “regional aviation has a promising prospect in China”, Mr Liu said.