15-Aug-2013 10:05 AM

Kingfisher Airlines reports USD208m loss in 1QFY2014, USD19m on aircraft rentals

Kingfisher Airlines reported (14-Aug-2013) the following financial highlights for three months ended 30-Jun-2013:

  • Costs:
    • Labour: INR594.4 million (USD10.7 million);
    • Aircraft rentals: INR1036 million (USD18.6 million);
    • Other operating cost: INR759.6 million (USD13.6 million);
    • Depreciation and amortisation: INR770.9 million (USD13.8 million);
  • Profit (loss) from operations before other income, finance costs, redelivery costs, exchange gains/loss: (INR3161 million) (USD56.7 million);
  • Profit (loss) from ordinary activities after tax: (INR11,569 million) (USD207.6 million). [more - original PR]

*Based on the average conversion rate at USD1 = INR55.7336