5-Jan-2011 10:06 AM

Jazeera Airways has leading market share among Kuwaiti airlines

Jazeera Airways stated (04-Jan-2011) it had a leading market share among Kuwaiti airlines on the majority of routes it served in Nov-2010, with the exception of the Kuwait-Jeddah and Kuwait-Riyadh routes, where it has lower seat-allocation restrictions compared to other Kuwaiti airlines. Jazeera Airways stated continued to be the airline with largest market share on highly competitive routes in the Middle East, including the Kuwait-Beirut route with a 28% market share, the Kuwait-Amman route with a 34% market share, the Kuwait-Alexandria route with a 49% market share, and the Kuwait-Damascus route with a 41% market share. The carrier added that it was the largest Kuwaiti operator on business and weekend destinations as well, capturing a 16% market share on the Kuwait-Dubai route, and 20% market share on the Kuwait-Bahrain route. The report issued by the carrier is based on data from Kuwait's Directorate General for Civil Aviation (DGCA). [more]