30-Dec-2010 9:38 AM

Japan Travel Bureau survey reveals 39% would use LCCs

Japan Travel Bureau (JTB) announced (28-Dec-2010) details of its web survey on LCCs with the result based on replies by 5745 males, 3888 females and 523 unknown respondents: 

  • Use of LCCs: 39% of respondents stated they would want to use LCC services, 13% stated "no" and 48% responded "don't know";
  • Awareness of LCCs: 56% yes, 18% no and 26% stated they had heard about LCCs but don't know well;
  • Have you ever flown on LCC: 5% yes, 95% no; 
  • Which LCC did you use? First place: Jetstar, second: Skymark, and then AirAsia, easyJet, Southwest, Airdo, Ryanair, JetBlue, Tiger Airways and Air Berlin;
  • How are airlines selected? Fare 29 %, schedule 21 %, in-flight service 4%;
  • Those who do not use LCCs often will consider using an LCC if the fare is cheap (26%), if the flight time is shorter 16%;
  • Those who use LCCs often, how will you use money saved?: Increase frequency of travel (32%), F&B at destination (29%).