17-Jun-2011 10:48 AM

Japan failed to clear tourism targets in 2010

Japan's Tourism White Paper FY2011 revealed it failed to clear all of the five targets set for 2010 (Nikkan Koku, 15-Jun-2011)

  • The number of foreign travellers to Japan: 8,611,000, fewer than the target of 10 million;
  • The number of Japanese overseas travellers: 16,637,000, fewer than the target of 20 million;
  • Consumption by domestic tourism: JPY22.1 trillion, falling short of the JPY30 trillion target; 
  • The number of nights stayed: 2.39 nights, compared with the target of 4 nights;
  • The number of international conventions in 2009: 246 events, slightly below the target of 252.  

Out of foreign travellers to Japan in 2010, 92.6 % came to Japan by air, out of which 44.4 % used Narita, followed by Kansai (18.5 %), Haneda (8%), Chubu (5.4 %), Fukuoka (5.1%) and Chitose (3.8%).