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IATA AGM 2013: SkyTeam sees no need to add more members with possible exception of Gol

5-Jun-2013 6:34 AM

SkyTeam managing director Michael Wisburn said (03-Jun-2013) at a press conference at the IATA annual general meeting in Cape Town that recruitment efforts have slowed down as members do not see a pressing need to expand beyond Garuda, which is slated to formally join in Mar-2014. “Our members feel extremely comfortable with the footprint they have today. Adding more members adds more scale but also creates more complexity.” Mr Wisburn says. “The members said [at a board meeting during the IATA AGM] that there’s no more need at the moment for more scale.” Mr Wisburn added, however, that Gol could be an exception as a Brazil carrier remains on SkyTeam’s “wish list”. SkyTeam previously asked Gol to consider joining the alliance but the Brazilian low-cost carrier, which is partially owned by SkyTeam member Delta Air Lines, has so far resisted and has said that for now it wants to remain independent. Mr Wisburn says SkyTeam is not considering any other Brazilian carriers and is not currently actively recruiting an Indian carrier because “India is in flux”.