4-Feb-2011 11:11 AM

IAG passenger numbers up 4.5% in Jan-2011

International Airlines Group (IAG) reports (03-Feb-2011) the following consolidated traffic highlights in Jan-2011:

  • Passenger numbers: 3.8 million, +4.5% year-on-year;
  • Passenger load factor: 73.7%, -2.3 ppts;
    • Domestic: 63.7%, -0.1 ppt;
    • Europe: 60.4%, -1.5 ppts;
    • North America: 70.4%, -5.0 ppts;
    • Latin America and Caribbean: 84.8%, -3.6 ppts;
    • Africa and Middle East: 75.8%, +0.3 ppt;
    • Asia and Pacific: 81.6%, -0.9 ppt;
  • Cargo traffic (FTKs): +5.8%. [more]

IAG: “January premium traffic for the IAG airlines grew by 7.4% against the previous year, with a 4% gain in non-premium traffic. Excluding weather impact, we believe that premium traffic trends are broadly in line with last month. Excluding weather impact, we do not see any material change to trend: our long-haul business remains strong, but the short-haul European market continues to be highly competitive,” Source: IAG, 03-Feb-2011.