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Hong Kong Airport master plan consultation ends - ACI calls for development of fresh capacity

5-Sep-2011 9:12 AM

Hong Kong SAR Government stated (02-Sep-2011) the three-month public consultation period for 'Hong Kong International Airport Master Plan 2030' concluded on 02-Sep-2011 with over 29,000 questionnaires and written feedback submissions received. Airport Authority Hong Kong will study the report by the University of Hong Kong’s Social Sciences Research Centre before submitting recommendations on the airport’s development direction to the government.

Meanwhile, ACI Director General Angela Gittens noted that "Hong Kong faces keen competition from neighboring airports for originating and destination traffic, transit traffic as well as cargo services. Competition also comes from other transport modes, particularly high speed rail". To stay competitive, Ms Gittens suggested that Hong Kong should build capacity to cope with the air traffic growth before the traffic is diverted to other airports. She added: "Our industry’s growth is inevitable, the question is which airport operators will step up to provide the capacity to meet demand.”[more original PR - Hong Kong Government] [more original PR - Airport Authority of Hong Kong] [more original PR - ACI]