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Global airline capacity up 5% in Feb-2010: OAG

12-Feb-2010 11:28 AM

OAG reports (11-Feb-2010) the world’s airlines grew capacity for the sixth consecutive month in Feb-2010, with a 5% year-on-year increase in seat capacity and 4% increase in frequencies. Seat capacity and frequency by LCCs rose 11% in Feb-2010, accounting for 19% of worldwide flights and 22% of total seats. According to OAG, the only region to decline in Feb-2010 was within North America, where frequency and capacity were reduced by 1% and 2%, respectively. Details include:

  • Within Asia: scheduled services +11%, capacity +10%;
  • To/from Asia: +5%, +4%;
  • Within Middle East: +19%, +21%;
  • To/from Middle East: +11%, +11%;
  • Within Africa: +3%, +5%;
  • To/from Africa: +19%, +19%;
  • Within Europe: stable, +2%;
  • To/from Europe: +6%, +4%;
  • Within North America: -1%, -2%;
  • To/from North America: +3%, +2%. [more]

OAG: “It is fascinating how much the movement in flight frequency and seat capacity seems to reflect the regional economic situation. Asia’s economy (except Japan) is gradually and carefully recovering and so are parts of Europe/the Middle East/Africa region, while North America and Japan appear to have difficulty and are struggling to come out of this recession,” Mario Hardy, Vice President Asia Pacific. Source: OAG, 11-Feb-2010.