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Gatwick welcomes APD freeze, but insists still room for improvement

25-Mar-2011 10:15 AM

UK's London Gatwick Airport announced (24-Mar-2011) that the government's decision to freeze APD "is an acknowledgement that aviation will play a crucial role in the economic recovery and national growth". The airport welcomed the decision but called on the governemnt to "do more to ease the tax burden placed on UK air passengers and the aviation sector". Gatwick said that even with the freeze, UK APD is 8.5 times higher than the European average and when the industry included in the EU Emissions Trading Scheme from 2012, it will be one of four environmental tax measures facing British airports, airlines and their passengers. [more]

London Gatwick: “It is welcome news for passengers that there will be no immediate and further hike in the tax on flying. However we shouldn’t feel jubilant. The truth of the matter is that the Government’s current tax regime with relation to aviation is punitive, disproportionate and unsustainable." Nick Dunn, CFO. Source: Company statement, 24-Mar-2011.