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French union calls for airport staff to continue strike on 20-Oct-2010

20-Oct-2010 11:02 AM

France's CGT union transport section called for the strike to be renewed on 20-Oct-2010 (AFP, 19-Oct-2010). The section covers airport staff and air traffic controllers. Airport staff participated in strike action in the country on 19-Oct-2010, disrupting flights to French airports (Reuters, 19-Oct-2010). Fifty percent of flights to/from Paris Orly were cancelled for the day, while 30% of flights were cancelled at Paris Charles de Gaulle and regional airports. Most cancellations were on short and medium-haul domestic and inter-European flights (Associated Press, 19-Oct-2010). Flights were expected to return to normal on 20-Oct-2010. Protesters also blocked entrances at Bordeaux Airport for several hours during the day. It was the sixth day of nationwide strike action against the French Government’s pension reform plans since Jun-2010. The French Senate is to vote on the proposal this week (Bloomberg, 19-Oct-2010). The country’s eight major unions plan to meet on 21-Oct-2010 to discuss how to continue their action. Cardiff Airport warned (19-Oct-2010) of potential delays for services to France. [more - Cardiff Airport]