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EU's negotiations with South Africa stall

21-Jan-2011 1:59 PM

European Union's negotiations with South Africa on a new air service agreement recognising the EU as a single aviation market remain stalled (Business Day, 20-Jan-2011). An EU state is required to grant equal market access to destinations outside the bloc to a carrier from any other member state that has an establishment on its territory. The EU is under pressure to renegotiate air service agreements globally which do not recognise this requirement.

South African Department of Transport: "For example, such an open agreement would allow British Airways or Lufthansa, which does not have any more frequencies in their home countries, to fly via a third country, say Italy, to Johannesburg. These fifth- and sixth- freedom rights are problematic as the local industry is not able respond to such competition." Director of air transport, Vuwani Ndwamato. Source: Business Day, 20-Jan-2011.