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European airlines and airports demand volcanic ash damages from European governments

24-Sep-2010 10:34 AM

European Regions Airline Association (ERA) announced (23-Sep-2010) airline presidents and airport directors expressed outrage at ERA's Annual General Assembly at the failure of Europe’s politicians and regulators to act to provide financial compensation to the industry following the eruption of Mount Eyjafjallajoekull which caused widespread closure of airspace and cancellation of flights. The airlines and airports consequently agreed to a course of action to recover financial damages through legal action. [more]

European Regions Airline Association: “Europe’s politicians have sat on their hands for far too long on this issue, airlines have now lost patience and have been forced to seek alternative legal solutions to recover the additional costs they incurred. The events in April showed that air transport is an essential element of our society and it is now time for governments to recognise the value that air transport brings to the economy and the European communities it serves,” Antonis Simigdalas, President and Mike Ambrose, Director General. Source: European Regions Airline Association, 23-Sep-2010.