13-Mar-2012 3:11 PM

Copenhagen Airport reports monthly traffic record in Feb-2012

Denmark's Copenhagen Airports stated (12-Feb-2012) a "significant increase" in transfer traffic has strengthened Copenhagen Airport's position as the hub of northern Europe. Copenhagen Airport had more than 1.6 million passengers in Feb-2012, a 6.5% year-on-year increase, and a new monthly record for the airport. The record was achieved due to a significant increase in the number of international passengers by 8.6% and growth in the number of transfer passengers by as much as 14.3%, mainly driven by a significant increase in traffic from Finland. Conversely, domestic traffic declined. "Domestic traffic has grown by about 20% over the past three years due to increased competition and resulting in lower fares. However, we have recently seen a decline in domestic traffic due to reductions in the number of frequencies and in capacity," said Carsten Nørland, VP, sales and marketing for Copenhagen Airports A/S. The leap day in Feb-2012 generated some additional traffic, supported by the fact that the previous February record was reached in 2008, which was also a leap year.